Are you in Agreement with your Horse?

Do you know your Agreements with your Horse?

Do you need to renegotiate your Agreements? 


Welcome to Artistry of Horses where we explore the power of Agreements between Horses and Humans. By using the wisdom within these Agreements, I teach you to apply the practice of Rituals and Alchemy to expand awareness, understanding, performance and potential in this Quest to connect with our Beloved Horses.


a person exploring connection and understanding between Horses and Humans

Some people have Horses just to Ride the Horse… NOT YOU

Some people have Horses for their Ego, to Dominate the Horse… NOT YOU

Some people use Horses as Machines with No Thought for the Horse… NOT YOU

But then… Some People Have Horses

Because they Can’t Imagine Their Life without them…

Because their Love, Courage and Mystery Coexist in the Horse…

Because Their Soul Demands Its Tribe… THAT’S YOU

When it come to Horses there is constant learning and understanding... 

This truly makes us EQUESTRIANS