The word itself defines the Invitation. Horses take us on journeys; literally and as metaphors. When we ride we experience adventure, emotionally we explore our relationship with them, and internally we often begin a crusade to greater self-enlightenment.


Welcome to Artistry of Horses

Exploring the power of Agreements between Horses and Humans.


Do you know if you have a common goal with your Horse?

Is there a way you can evaluate where you are in your journey together? 

Do you know if you both share the responsibility and passion of a common ambition?

By knowing my Agreements with my Horses I have a tool that strengthens my ability to create the life we both desire, a medium that supports the life we chose . Because I know our Agreements, I am able to access our progress, our connection and how present we are in our Quest to strengthen our callings and desires together. I know when either of us is falling short and we need to recommit to those Agreements. Delaya Diana, EQUESTRIAN


Some people have Horses just to Ride the Horse… NOT YOU

Some people have Horses for their Ego, to Dominate the Horse… NOT YOU

Some people use Horses as Machines with No Thought for the Horse… NOT YOU

But then… Some People Have Horses

Because they Can’t Imagine Their Life without them…

Because their Love, Courage and Mystery Coexist in the Horse…

Because Their Soul Demands Its Tribe… THAT’S YOU

When it come to Horses there is constant learning and understanding... 

This truly makes us EQUESTRIANS